Sherayé Esfandyari

My role is Spiritus Mundi Project Leader / Creative Director.

I’ve been involved in three projects at Spiritus Mundi, where two of them I have been the project leader and creative director.

Min By Min Framtid-Change the world involved 20 youth participants, ages 14-18 from different areas in Malmö, for two months and then meeting up with youth participants in Copenhagen and Drammen for a week.

Wag the City-Helsingborg involved 80 youths, 9th graders from three different schools and areas in Helsingborg. By creating a high ambitioned show through music, theatre and dance, not only have their self-esteem improved, but they have gotten new friends from other parts of their city as well as gotten rid of their prejudice of the other schools. Letting the youths’ voices being heard and taken seriously has been both touching and inspiring.

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