DAY 1, Tuesday March 6, 2012, ‘Connect’

09.00 : Welcome to DXF, 2012

  • Hussain H. Kabani, DXF-SWE, Welcome
  • Mia Norgberg, Democracy Advocate
  • Malmö Deputy Mayor: Hanna Gedin
  • The Spoken Word – Dushan
  • Jehan Alfarra – A Gazan perspective
  • DXF Team Introductions:Karin Delin, Eva Hamboldt, Stefan Geens, Samone Astaneh, Cesar Varga

10.00: ‘Malmö Hunting’

  • The great Malmö quest: Which team will manage time and rise above the competition to be crowned the Kings and Queens of the first DXF Malmö quest?

11.00: Session 1: The Exchange

  • Getting to know each other by sharing information on background, life and work as well as the purpose for being here, expectations and learning goals.

13.00: Lunch

  • YLVP Alumni debrief with DXF Staff

14.00: Session 2: Network and Social Change Management

  • Speaker: Joakim Jardenberg, EO of Mindpark. Internaut and netizen. Senior advisor in all things internet and media. Business angel. ‘I’m honest and do good shit.’

16.00 : Break

16.30: Session 3: My Journey

  • Introducing the methodology of the workshop, as well as the tools we use to build a climate that will enable participants to reach effective learning.

18.30 Dinner

20.00: Malmö Première of Documentary Film: Zero Silence

21.15 : Tweets from the M.E.N.A Region: A brief account of the past, present and future.
(In conjunction with Lund University CMES)

  • Moderator: Dr. Reza Arjmand – is visiting professor at Centre for Middle Eastern Studies, Lund University. Before joining CMES, Reza taught and conducted research at Department of International and Transcultural Studies, Teachers College, Columbia University and Institute of Middle Eastern Studies of Columbia University.

DAY 2, Wednesday March 7, 2012, ‘Inspire’

09.00: Reflections

10.00: Workshop I: “The Problem”

  • What are the causes and effects of the issue we want to address?

11:00: Break

11:30: Workshop 2: “The Objective”

  • What does the desired situation look like?

13:00: Lunch

14:00: Session 4: Group Theory

  • Introducing the “Integrative Model of Group Development” by Dr Susan A Wheelan, as well as theory on “Leadership and Feedback” as a tool for creating effective and productive teams.

15:00 Workshop 3: “The Strategy”

  • What initiatives and actions are required to achieve the situation we want?

16:00: Break

16:30: Workshop 3 continues

17:30: Open workshops

19:30: Dinner

20:00: Culture and Art for Change

  • Hip-hop primer by Anders Ackfeldt
  • Crash course in hip-hop by Behrang Miri.


DAY 3, Thursday March 7, 2012, ‘Build’

9:00: Reflections

9:30: Tools for Democracy

  • Presentation on video streaming site Bambuser, presented by founder Måns Adler

11:00: Break

11:30: Workshop 4: Funder Expectations

  • Will this project be relevant, feasible and sustainable?

13:00: Lunch

14:00: Study Visit: Malmö City Hall

16:00: Break

18:00: International Women’s Day

  • March and celebrations in Malmö

Day 4, Friday March 8, 2012, ‘Share’

9:00: Reflections

9:30: Women and Revolution: ‘Her Story’

11:00: Prepare for presentations

13:00: Lunch

14:00: Presentations

15:00: DXF – Next Steps

  • Summarizing the week from a learning perspective and creating a personal action plan for implementing learnings in daily life as well as future projects.

18:00: Dinner


Saturday, March 10: Departure