March 6 – 9, 2012, in Malmö, Sweden

The Democratic Exchange Forum (DXF-SWE) is an intercultural exchange forum for youth leaders, social innovators, opinion makers and agents of change who want to strengthen democratic participation, increase civic engagement, and share a human rights perspective among the youth in their respective communities. The exchange forum brings together participants from Sweden and selected countries in the Middle East and North Africa who are actively working to enhance democratic participation.

The aim of DXF-SWE is to inspire new models of democratic participation for youth and to build a better foundation for civic engagement. The intercultural exchange creates a space for dialogue, sharing, understanding and collaboration among participants from Sweden and the MENA region. The focus is on effective project management and leadership in a democratic transition.

DXF-SWE brings together 30 participants, aged 18-30, from Sweden, Tunisia, Egypt, Yemen, Palestine, Jordan, Lebanon and Syria.

– Tools for Democracy
– Gender and Human Rights
– Culture and Arts for Change