Louise Lilja

Right now I’m not a part of any organization or other platform for discussion. After my graduation in Malmö in 2010 I left to work in Oslo for 1.5 years and I arrived back in Malmö to study this January.

Right now I’m looking around to see what community I should commit to. During my time in school I was active in a group called Mångfaldsgruppen, financed by Malmö stad. Together with other young enthusiasts we worked to improve the school through respect and acceptance. We worked a lot with cooperative exercises, discussion and organized a number of conferences. I’m interested in subjects like racism and the importance of respecting each other and how to improve this through democracy.

My experience so far of democracy has not been very political; I’ve never participated in any political organization or done any kind of political action. I’ve always felt that I as a person want to attack the problems in our society from the back and focus on the foundation, like democracy in general instead of choosing a specific political direction. Of course we need to have different kinds of political groups in the society, but my belief is that it would better to build up society to have strong democracy.

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