Jehan Alfarra

Jehan AlFarra is a 21 year old blogger and a multi-media activist in the Gaza Strip. Jehan advocates the Palestinian cause and the reality of life in Gaza through social media and various multi-media outlets, and collaborating with international and local organizations.

Jehan was a Youth Council Member at the Mercy Corps’ GCC (Global Citizen Corps) program where she joined her first blogging team, Beyond Our Borders. Jehan now runs her own blog and is one of the active and founding members of Diwan Ghazza, a cultural forum in Gaza. She used to be a member of the Palestinian Youth Advocacy Network (PYAN) at the House of Wisdom in Gaza, where she was also a member of the delegations’ reception protocol. Much of Jehan’s work with international and local organizations involved English language training, interpretation, and translation of both English and Arabic.

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