Veronica Dalya El Radaf

I not only represent myself as a woman born and raised in Sweden with an Egyptian heritage. I also represent the following organizations and platforms:

CISV (Children’s International Summer Village) is a democratic, nongovernmental and religious unchained youth organization. CISV is an organization that can be found in cities all over the world. They have representatives in almost two hundred different cities, stretching from the eastern parts of the globe (Bombay, Cairo, Beirut etc) to the western parts (Ohio, Rio de Janeiro etc.). I am active in the local office that can be found in Malmö/Lund. The organization aims to build global peace, an enhanced self-confidence, self-esteem and friend network and as it at the same time develop an intercultural competence of attitudes, knowledge and skills to an active citizenship in a multicultural society, global as well as local among children and youngsters. My role in CISV is that I have been a leader for an interchange in New Delhi, India. As a leader, I had full custody of the six children traveling with me. I also was responsible along with the leader in India to create cultural activities according to our theme “girl power”.

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