Reza Arjmand

Reza Arjmand is visiting professor at Centre for Middle Eastern Studies, Lund University. Before joining CMES, Reza taught and conducted research at Department of International and Transcultural Studies, Teachers College, Columbia University and Institute of Middle Eastern Studies of Columbia University. His main research interests are Islamic education, education of Muslims at home and Diaspora and computer aided qualitative data analysis (CAQDAS). He has conducted a number of studies on education of Muslims in various Muslim countries including Iran, Turkey, UAE, Saudi Arabia, Qatar, and Bosnia and Herzegovina and among Muslims in Sweden, Denmark, England, Russia and The Netherlands. He has been guest lecturer, researcher and advisor at UNESCO, IDEA, World Bank, Stockholm University, Oslo University and Karolinska Institute.

At CMES, Reza is conducting a study investigating the development and variation of discourses on religious intellectuals in post-revolutionary Iran. The study endeavors to explore the efforts of the Iranian religious elite and the theocratic state as well as the measures (plans, policies, etc.) of the Islamic government to introduce and cater a new group of intellectuals. The study examines, on one level, the outcomes of the state policies in higher education in producing a generation of committed, religious intellectuals; and in another level the roots of counter-hegemonic movements (religious and secular) as result of such policies and practices within Iranian intelligentsia.

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