Lisa Bauer

I represent “Watch it!”, a democracy project based in Malmö/Lund working with youth about exploring creative ways of expressing themselves and do some action instead of getting stuck in talking, where I’ve been a volunteer for two years besides my studies. I prepare and carry out workshops, organize meetings, sometimes visit schools, community youth center, “democracy/youth/girls fairs” etc. I also started up and now have the main responsibility for a cooperation with Save the Children and Malmö Stad about local youth engagement and neighborhood development in a specific area in Malmö.

Within Watch it! I challenge and experience the youth, mostly in Malmö, in our workshops starting to express frustration & want for change more loudly, in the public, through street art, letters to politicians, sending video blogs etc. As a private person I’m often involved with demonstrations for causes I find important, sometimes also with my samba drum group. When I have time over I love creativity, latest interest is in film. I recently made a short film about a group of young people in Malmö who publicly do gymnastics in colorful clothes against racism and the Swedish Democrats.

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