Julia Jarvi

Born and raised in Malmö and loving my city. In high school I studied media, focusing on radio journalism with a dream of working with radio. During my high school time I came in contact with the place where I currently work, the NGO Spiritus Mundi, as a creative project assistant which allow me to do lots of different things. My main focus is a project called InteOkej that concerns cyberbullying, and the will amongst young people to change the rough attitudes they face on internet every day.

In my spare-time I fight racism together with the organization Youth Against Racism since three years back. This commitment has opened my eyes to so much and I learn a lot from being a part of it.

The political climate in Europe right now is scary; we must face it and stand up for democratic values. My passion is to work for every person’s right to be whoever he or she wants to be and being allowed to express it, regardless from ethnicity, gender, disability, sexuality and other identity aspects. This is what I believe in.

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