Anwar Ali

My name is Anwar Ali, 28 years old, born in Iraq. I moved to Sweden in 2003 and the reason I moved to Sweden was that I couldn’t apply to university in Iraq because I refused to join the Baath party. I moved to Sweden with my little brother and left behind the rest of our family. When I arrived to Sweden I was shocked by the difference between the society and the way of living in Sweden and Iraq. Three months after my arrival to Sweden I started to study the Swedish language and I started to see the opportunities and that a person can achieve a lot even if the person is an immigrant. I finished the language course and then I started my high school education. The funny thing that after I finished high school in Sweden I had two high school diplomas, one from Iraq and one from Sweden.

Two years after I came to Sweden I started to get involved in many NGOs in Malmö. I joined first the Iraqi culture house in Malmo and then I was among the group the founded Iraqi youth organization in Malmo. Through my work with these organizations I got the chance to work on many different projects, both as a project leader and as assistant. I worked on projects that tackle big issues such as domestic violence, democracy in Iraq and migrants need for home care. After high school I studied media and communication and took my bachelor degree from Malmo University. I wrote my bachelor thesis about the role of the Iraqi media/television channels in the building of a democratic society after the war in 2003. I did my field research in Damascus where a lot of the Iraqi television channels have their headquarters.

After graduation I took a couple of courses in international relations and peace and conflicts studies. After that I worked for the city of Malmo and now I am interning at a media production company. I am also active in two NGOs, RGRA and Magiska mattan. Next fall I will be starting my master studies in communication for development and I want to focus on the use of media and social media in creating a united image of the Iraqi identity.

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